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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                  95

I dined, on my arrival in town, with a large
party at the Stratford coffee-house with Hussey,1
Sheridan, Grey, Dillon, Campbell, and Dr. Geddes
of the Bible, and have been since with Manning
to Theobald's Lodge—a snug box in a pleasant
situation, belonging to Miss Smith.

We passed over a great deal of very beautiful
country, interspersed in all parts by the New River,
which winds surprisingly, and often unnecessarily,
so timorous were engineers in the early part of
the last century, and of so little value was the

The inside of the Pantheon has been burnt
to the ground; the walls are left standing. The
new opera - house in the Haymarket is a noble
theatre. I went there with Townley to see
Cymon, which is a stupid pageantry.

I have dined at Hussey's with Madame de
Sillery (or, rather, Madame Brulart, for she calls
herself by that name now, since titles are abolished
in France), Mademoiselle d'Orleans, Pamela and
Henriette de Cercy. She desired her kind regards
to you. I escorted them next day to Townley's,
to see his collection of busts, statues, &c.

i Catholic Bishop of Waterford.